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The Rose Phantom

Time to learn...

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The Rose Phantom is currently doing music for his instrumental synthpop/darkwave band, 'revideolized' since December of 2003...and still going strong...kinda.
Also, Phantom is a master at filming & editing, he specializes in doing music video remakes, which is taking a track from an artist and remaking the video for it, either doing it just like the original...or doing it by a new script. So far The Rose Phantom has video remakes for: Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, Alphaville, Agnes Poetry, Peter Schilling and Red Flag. Now remember these are music video remakes! If you are seeking a music video promo for your band than you can contact me by clicking that big "Contact" link at the bottom of the page...

Phantom's Favorite
Band:  Depeche Mode
Movie: Night of the living Dead (the 90's color remake)
Color: Isn't that a given? I guess's Black
Flower: A fresh Red rose
Instrument: The Piano

Nice to know, eh?

Phantom & Mistress
Like most Phantom's I do have a Mistress. She goes by the name of #%*@!&$, but I have given her the name Babbs...even though it doesn't sound anything like #%*@!&$ , I just like my custom names.
I have been with my Mistress since August 10th 2003, and the power that we hold is still going strong!

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