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The Rose Phantom

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The Phantom's life changing news!

The full length revideolized album is out now!
A perfect mix of instrumental synthpop/darkwave!
Listen to a song:
For ordering info:

The Rose Phantom and the well known synthpop band, "Provision" will be teaming up for a promotional music video shoot.

Hello, it's been a while, I thought I would tell you what I'm up to (like anyone reads this anyways).
The Rose Phantom has filmed & edited a projection video for, James D. Stark ( He will be projecting the video during a live performance of "Dying Beauty".
The Phantom is also doing some individual photography for people who pay good money (that's the only way I'll do it). The next project the Phantom has in front of him is a film/documentary about a place called Hair Studio 48, it'll take a month to film.....that's all I can tell you for now.

Just recently, The Brother of the Phantom went to a Megadeth concert in Denver. It was there where he met up with the lead singer // front man, Dave Mustaine. He gave Dave The Rose Phantom's Dvd compilations, which are music video remakes for Phantom's promotional use. So, maybe in the future Phantom will direct & edit a Megadeth music video. Til then hold on to your butts...

The Rose Phantom is talking with the band Provision, about doing a promotional music video. Also, the classic movie "The Friendship Warriors" is coming out on DVD mid November. It's also going to be sold in specific businesses in Utah. For those of you who have no idea what FW is, it's a movie that myself and my crew shot in late 2002. It's a fantacy comedy about two friends that save the world from an evil emperor. This is just a classic! I will post when it's out (for those of you who really care).

The Rose Phantom is currently working with the band, "Eaze The Pain" for a promotional music video.

There is big talk about The Rose Phantom doing a projection video for James D. Stark's live shows. To learn more about James and the gothic way of live, check out his site

I now have the new Tears For Fears album "Everybody Loves A Happy Ending", I suggest that everyone get's it...

The only news at the moment is this site being up. When there is real news about The Rose Phantom or his Mistress it will be posted...

Nice to know what Phantom's do, eh?